Technistone® quartz guarantee

Technistone provides a 25 years warranty on slabs for interior use

The warranty must be activated by registering your Technistone® product on the Company‘s website in the “Customer Care“ section under “Warranty“(or follow the link below). The warranty starts the day that the fabricated slabs are installed by a licensed fabricator in the interior living space. Registration must be done within 30 days of said installation. This warranty is provided by Technistone only for slabs installed in an interior living space (i.e. for indoor use), and is not valid for slabs installed in public or outdoor areas

The seller is obligated to provide and abide by the warranty information presented to the customer throughout the warranty period, in accordance with these warranty terms.


Technistone (hereafter referred to as “the manufacturer”) is not responsible for claims made against and damage caused by following:

(1) Incorrect installation and/or handling of Technistone® products or installation by a non-licensed fabricator

(2) Failure to observe the installation instructions given by the manufacturer or local construction regulations and recommendations, including the design of joints.

(3) Using Technistone® products outside the normal use recommended by the manufacturer, in non-standard applications or in a manner not in accordance with local building regulations and recommendations.

(4) By moving, deforming, collapsing or modifying the substrate or supporting structure on which Technistone® products are installed.

(5) Any act of force majeure (e.g. flood, hurricane, earthquake, lightning, etc.) or the state of the environment (e.g. air pollution, soil, mold, etc.).

(6) Incorrect handling, storage, misuse of Technistone® by the buyer or third party purchaser. Each buyer is solely responsible for determining the effectiveness, eligibility, suitability and safety of Technistone® products in connection with its use in the individual application.

(7) visual flaws, i.e. apparent quality defects (surface defects or color and structural divergence). Any mechanical and aesthetic defects in the surface of the product must be clearly visible from the vertical point of view. A defect is defined as a divergence from the acceptable specification and size that affects the long-term aesthetic appearance of the Technistone® product.

The warranty also does not apply to:

(1) A product not paid for in full

(2) Obvious defects in the product that have not been claimed prior to installation, assembly or fabrication

(3) Defects in the product that the customer has been informed about or made aware of at the time of confirming the order

(4) Slight difference in color, structure and design. Technistone® slabs are made of more than 90% natural materials, divergence in aesthetic appearance are part of its natural properties, do not reduce the functionality of slabs, and therefore cannot be considered as defects

(5) Difference in the color of the provided sample used for selection of the material from the actual material delivered

(6) Products subject to abnormal use and conditions, improper handling or incorrect and inappropriate use, exposure to extreme temperatures, exposure to extreme weather conditions, exposure to ultra-violet radiation, physical or chemical abuse, exposure to acids and alkalis, pollution or damage by inadequate care and maintenance, damage from cutting, cracks, blunt force, damage or breakage caused by the customer and its improper and inappropriate use

(7) Temporary stains on the Technistone® surface (fingerprints, smudges or other temporary stains caused by normal use)

(8) Damage caused by cleaning, care and maintenance, not in accordance with the manufacturer‘s recommendations

(9) Outdoor use

(10) Additional or extra repairs or alterations, such as all plumbing and electrification adjustments, pavement and wall finishes requiring repairs or relocation of the slab during the time of its warranty. The customer is fully responsible for these repairs and adjustments.

(11) Products installed in commercial buildings (restaurants, hotels, airport halls, shopping centers, apartment and apartment complexes, etc.)



To process the claim and ensure quick quality service, contact the location where the original Technistone® slab was purchased.

Provide quality photo documentation of the defects claimed.

During warranty service, the product must be available to the designated Technistone® representative to perform a visual inspection and the customer must follow the representative ́s given instructions.

In the event that a slab replacement is decided, the processing, reinstallation, and associated costs will not be covered by the warranty issued by Technistone®.

Technistone® reserves the right, in agreement with the customer, to replace the defective slab with a new color in the current product offer, which is regularly updated due to development and market requirements.

Claim protocol.

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